Youth for Christ of Kern County, a chapter affiliate of Youth for Christ USA, was started in 1958.  We are governed by a local Board of Directors of Christian business people who are committed to meeting the physical, social, mental and spiritual needs of young people. Youth for Christ is an independent and interdenominational organization that partners with churches and community organizations. Last year we worked with an average of 1,320 young people weekly: on the campus with clubs, follow-up, big events and camps; in the institutions with chapel services, Bible studies, life skills training, special events and aftercare programs.  We also worked with pregnant and parenting teens through mentoring and training programs; with a transitional living complex and mentoring for young adults.



To mobilize caring adults and student leaders in order to meet the physical, social, mental, and spiritual needs of every young person in Kern County through collaborations and partnerships with local churches, schools, institutions, and community programs.



Kern County has a population of over 83,233 junior high and high school students.  The churches and faith based youth organizations of our county provide ongoing services to approximately 26,000 of these young people, leaving 55,000 without this beneficial encouragement and support.  Our challenge is to increase our involvement through volunteers and partnerships to serve the entire youth population of our county.



Of the 5,702 young people involved with Youth for Christ in the 2017-2018 ministry year, 2,769 were given an opportunity to make an informed decision to be followers of Jesus Christ.  381 of these young people made that life changing decision.  Many others made positive choices that will benefit them now and in the future.  Working together with 38 schools, 8 juvenile institutions, several community agencies, and over 70 churches and organizations we are able to meet the physical, social, mental, and spiritual needs of these young people through our diverse programs.


DURING OUR 2018-2019 MINISTRY YEAR we will open 4 new ministry sites and provide programs for over 5,735 young people giving at least 2,850 the opportunity to become followers of Jesus Christ. To accomplish these goals; we need to expand our volunteers by 30 who will be working alongside our 14 full-time and 7 part-time staff.  With our annual budget of $1,036,931 expenses we need to increase our financial partnerships by $100,000 this year.